CASE STUDY: 10,000 pips in 23 weeks by Forex EA portfolio


This case study is a great example of what many Forex robots can do on one MetaTrader 4 account. And the best thing is that I do not have to do anything for this to happen. Once I created this automated trading system using Forex Robot Factory I just put it on a MetaTrader 4 account and it does the rest of the job.

Let me show you step by step how I am doing this.

Well, of course, I cannot keep it to myself that from time to time I log in to check how the account is doing and shut down Forex Robots that do not work. But I do that once a week or so and it takes just a few minutes of my time.

10,000 pips in 23 weeks using a portfolio of 14 Forex robots

10,000 pips in 23 weeks using a portfolio of 14 Forex robots

I love automated trading because I can use an unlimited number of trading strategies at the same time with little extra effort. It does not require much of extra work to create 100 Forex robots instead of creating just one. I just need more time, to be exact, wait a bit more for expert advisors to be created for me.

Automated trading is really simple when you know how it’s done. In manual trading, you would not be able to follow and execute these 14 different strategies daily without a single mistake. That’s just not possible.

Just look at the picture above. These are results of one Forex EA portfolio that consist of 14 expert advisors.

These robots have been trading for 23 weeks now which is almost 6 months. Their results are quite astonishing. After I turned off a few of these robots that did not work I was able to maintain a collection of automated strategies that really work. During this time 10,000 pips were collected and that is quite a big achievement. Most of these Expert Advisors have a winning ratio of more than 60%, isn’t this great?

This is how 10,000 pips in 23 weeks look like.

How can anyone create Forex Robots like this?

I know it might sound silly to some, but trust me, the process of creating such Forex Robots is quite simple. I don’t say it happens overnight, but it is something anyone can do.

Stop wiring mql4 code and start creating Forex EAs that work using new technology!

Step 1: Find a big collection of Forex Robots using Forex EA generator

There’s a special software involved in the process of creating winning Forex Robots. The idea here is to try thousands and thousands of strategy variations and then chose only those who show good results when tested on historical prices. If EA shows good results during a backtest it gets added to the Collection.

Use Forex Expert Advisor generator to create a collection of 100 winning Forex Robots. This usually takes between several minutes to a few hours (depending on your criteria).

Details on how to create many Forex Robots are explained in this article: How to Create Trading Robots with Forex EA Generator

Step 2: Run between 10 to 100 Forex Robots on one MetaTrader 4 account

Don’t worry, it is completely normal to run so many Forex EAs on the same MT4. We usually have 50 when testing Forex bots before they are moved to live accounts. We call this incubation period.

Average computers these days can easily run at least one MT4 with 100 Forex robots.

Useful read:

How to Run Multiple Expert Advisors (EA) on MT4 Terminal

Step 3: Monitor all Forex Robots and shut down the ones that do not work

We use MyMT4Book Analyzer app for MT4 to track the performance of all Expert Advisors running on the same MT4. The idea here is that each EA is using unique Magic Number which allows MyMT4Book group their trades to individual groups. This is how the performance of each robot can be calculated separately and displayed on the chart. Just like you see in the picture above.

Step 4: Move winning Forex Robots to live accounts and start making real money

After 3 – 6 months you will see a result of all Forex Robots and be able to identify which ones are working well. Move them to a live account and start making money.

Repeat these steps over and over again every month or every 3 months to create as many EA portfolios as possible. Keep moving the ones that work to your live account.

Yes, we do not know how long Forex Robots will work. But now we know they have been working for last 6 months and this gives us a good reason to believe they will work for much longer.

Of course, you never stop monitoring all Forex Robots that you have and shut down the ones that stop working. In their place, you will add new ones.

This is an ongoing process that should never stop if you want to profit from automated trading systems.

Think of military army at war. Every day soldiers get killed and in their place, new soldiers come.

Next step …

If you want to get similar Forex robots signup for our video course Forex Robot Academy and get access to the Forex Robot Factory tool and other awesome complimentary things you’ll need to reach such success.

Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you need to put in the work to achieve this. It does not happen if you are lazy and just want to earn money without doing anything.

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