CASE STUDY: 7,000+ pips in 18 weeks


One of the biggest benefits of automated trading is that you can use an unlimited number of trading strategies with little extra effort. It does not require much of extra work to start 14 Forex robots when you know how it’s done. In manual trading, you would not be able to follow and execute 14 different strategies daily without a single mistake. That’s just not possible.

Just look at the picture below. These are results of one portfolio that consist of 14 Forex robots.

Results of a porfolio with 14 Forex robots

Results of a portfolio with 14 Forex robots

These robots have been trading for 18 weeks which is a little more than 4 months. Their results are quite astonishing and when you combine them all on the same trading account you have massive gains. Some of these Expert Advisors even have winning ratio of more than 60%.

This is how 7000 pips in 18 weeks look like.

A part of the process how to gain that many pips are explained in this article: How to Create Trading Robots with Forex EA Generator

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Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you need to put in the work to achieve this. It does not happen if you are lazy and just want to earn money without doing anything.

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