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Is there a trial or demo of Forex Robot Factory?

There's no trial but we offer demo for an unlimited period. You can access Forex Robot Factory anytime from anywhere and test how it works. The only limitation in demo mode is that you cannot export strategies in MQ4 or MQ5 format for MetaTrader. But we can assure you that all Expert Advisors from Forex Robot Factory work exactly by the rules as they suppose to. To get full access with export option you need to purchase access to the Forex Robot Academy. We offer 30 day money back guarantee in case you don't like the product.


How much money can I expect to earn with Forex Robots if I have a $1000 Forex account?

It totally depends on you and how much effort you will put in. We have results from our students who managed to gain 30% and more within first 15 weeks.

Before you use any robots live you should first test them on demo account. We teach the process in the Forex Robot Academy course. You should not start any robot on live account straight away.

Does the Forex Robot Factory have it's own Forex data to generate and test the EA or do I need to import my own data?

Forex Robot Factory comes with a pre-loaded Forex history data from MetaQuotes server. Additionally, you can also import historical data from your own broker which allows you to create even more accurate strategies tailored to the exact account parameter your broker provides.

What is the lifetime of the Forex Robot created by Forex Robot Factory?

No one can predict the future and answer this question. Best practice is to create lots of Forex Robots every week or month so you can replace them with older ones that stopped working. No one cares about the reason why one of another strategy stopped working because there are hundreds of new ones done for you in very short time.

Think of batteries. They die at some point and you just replace it with new one.

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