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Buy Lifetime3 x 499 EUR
Buy Lifetime1 x 1497 EUR

After the purchase you will get access to the video course and the software. Bonuses will be delivered after 90 days of your purchase and only if all 3 payments were completed.

In the case of a refund or if you cancel a subscription and not pay all payments your access to the online video course and all additional software and products will be revoked.

You will receive new videos every week for 6 weeks starting today until all 6 modules will unlock. This means today you will get access to "Module 1" and then on week 2 you will get access to "Module 2", etc. You will get access to all video lessons after 6 weeks. You can proceed to watch the videos at your own pace and all video lessons will be accessible anytime you want for life! There are about 30+ video lessons.

7X Bonus Pack includes:

  • 30 Winning Forex Robots (€3000 value)
  • Broker Data Downloader app for MT4 (€100 value)
  • Forex EA Launcher for MT4 (€100 value)
  • MyMT4Book instant MT4 account analyzer (€197 value)
  • 12-month access to Ask Any Forum (€600 value)
  • Forex Broker Crash Course (€200 value)
  • One hour consultation via Skype (€300 value)

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Finally ... everyone can learn how to create money-making automated trading strategies or Forex Expert Advisors within seconds

Join the Forex Robot Academy, an online video training program with 30+ video lessons and start creating trading strategies and fully automated Forex EAs for MT4 & MT5 which has a huge potential in live markets.

Stop wasting money on Forex EAs that do not work and start creating them yourself by using the world's first online EA Generator. We will teach you the process which automates the workflow of strategy programming, backtesting, optimizing and stress testing to produce the best Forex EA collection.

Example Forex Robot Portfolio Results

myfxbook example
myfxbook example

Here's an example Portfolio of robot trading strategies that have made 100.76% profit during last 30+ months.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Forex Robot Factory (full unlimited access)
Forex Robot Academy 6-week online video course (30+ video lessons) (€990 value)
Forex Strategy Builder Pro (€1290 value)
7X BONUS PACK (€6477 value) (Details below)

50% OFF!

3,000 1 payment of €1,497 EUR


You will be charged €1497 EUR one time. No additional charges after that.

  • Forex Robot Factory (full unlimited access)Lifetime license
  • Forex Robot Academy 6-week online video course (30+ video lessons) (€990 value)
  • Forex Strategy Builder Pro (€1290 value)
  • 7X BONUS PACK (€6477 value) (Details below)

Our Students Think We're Awesome

  • Anyone looking for a mentor in the difficult art of automated Forex trading strategy creation, will not do better than to enlist Rimantas & Justin as their guides.
    Erron Adams Erron Adams Australia, authenticfx.com
  • Rimantas and Justin have opened my eyes to a world of possibilities with automated trading. I have completed the course and have already found a number of robust strategies. I look forward to improving my live trading portfolio of EAs in the near future. Thanks guys!
    Michael Farrer Michael Farrer United Kingdom
  • I had a bit of a fear to make this order, because I do not speak fluent English, but after watching video lessons I realized that I made the right choice. Now I am learning quickly to become a profitable trader and have more free time to devote to my hobbies and interests.
    Pierino Donati Pierino Donati Italy
David Hoareau

Rimantas and Justin have great experience in automated trading and strategy development. The consultation day that we spent together was very helpful because they were transparent and they gave a lot of details. This knowledge improved my team and me significantly.

David Hoareau France


Online Tool


All-in-one tool to get unlimited winning Forex Robots in 60 seconds without creating anything yourself. No Forex Skills required - Guaranteed!

Forex Robot FACTORY

Forex Robot Factory is a new and easy way to automate the workflow of trading strategy programming, backtesting, optimizing and stress testing.

Find your best Forex Robots today without creating anything yourself.

Why create strategies manually when you can automate the process.

Here is why Forex Robot Factory is a powerful and easy-to-use tool:

  • Online and works from any device with Internet browser
  • One-click Forex Robot generation
  • Tests billions of strategies to find the best EA collection
  • Lightning-fast backtests and robustness testing
  • 30 MetaTrader indicators
  • All trading rules, indicators and signals visible on the chart
  • Excellent MQ4 and MQ5 code without coding

38 Video Lessons


In Forex Robot Academy we teach how to create money-making automated trading strategies or Forex Expert Advisors within seconds using the world's first online EA Generator (Forex Robot Factory). The process automates the workflow of strategy programming, backtesting, optimizing and stress testing to produce the best Forex EA collection.

Forex Robot ACADEMY

Forex Robot Academy is a 6-week online video course with 38 video lessons.

You will learn how to get unlimited Forex Robots that actually work without creating anything yourself via these six modules:

  • Module #1: Intro to development system and funnel
  • Module #2: Testing environment setup
  • Module #3: Generation setup - creation engine
  • Module #4: Analysis, optimization & stress testing
  • Module #5: Strategy incubation phase
  • Module #6: Live account trading


* Bonus availability guaranteed for a limited time only. Thereafter, we reserve the right to remove them from the offer. Buy today YOU get all these bonuses!


€1,290 EUR value = FREE for you


Forex Strategy Builder Pro

Forex Strategy Builder Professional software is a more advanced version of the Forex Robot Factory online tool. FSB Pro provides a Forex strategy editor, automatic generator, optimizer, Expert Advisor exports to MT4 and MT5, strategy analysing and more.

FSB Pro is a Windows application which has to be installed on a desktop computer, laptop or VPS server.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional provides an array of tools when it comes to strategy analysis: environment backtest and report; complete orders and positions journal; detailed indicator and account charts. Backtests can be ran with one of a several interpolation methods. Multi-market tests can be ran with a single click. FSB Pro also comes with many Monte Carlo test options. Not only does FSB Pro give you Real Out of Sample testing and various interpolation methods, but it also makes sure it keeps you away from common logical errors. The program is getting frequent updates with bug fixes and new features.

There are more than 100 technical indicators bundled with the default install of FSB Pro. We make sure you can export strategies that use those indicators as Expert Advisors. FSB Pro allows you to extend it using custom technical indicators and addons written in C#. You can write those yourself, ask for help on the forums or pay someone to code those for you.


€3,000 EUR value = FREE for you

Robot with a trophy

30 Forex Robot Strategy Collection

A collection of 30 Forex Robots for MT4 and MT5 are included. These trading robots were created using the very same techniques we teach in Forex Robot Factory.

You can use these Forex robots anyway you like. Full source code (.mq4 files) will be included and you can use them on your trading account, edit them, resell, etc.

All robots are handpicked by us and have passed all the important tests but they still need to be tested in incubation just like any other robots. We are not testing them for you and hence there's no track record.

Remember, it's all about "Do It Yourself" (DIY) and we are handing you these robots as a quick start.


€397 EUR value = FREE for you


Tools Pack

Broker Data Downloader - to allow you load the historical price data from your MT4 broker to the Forex Robot Factory for even more accurate automated strategy development process.

Forex EA Launcher - to allow you start many Forex Robots on MT4 account instantly with just a few clicks. You won't have to open many charts and attach Expert Advisors one by one.

MyMT4Book Account Analyzer - to allow you monitor many Forex Robots working on the same MT4 account and display individual performance for each EA directly on the chart.

You won't find any similar tools anywhere today. We are the only online academy to offer such time-saving tools.


€200 EUR value = FREE for you


Forex Broker Crash Course

In Forex Broker Crash Course you will learn how to choose the right Forex broker for trading and not be scammed. In video lessons of around 2 hours you will find lots of very useful information about how different types of Forex brokers operate. Most brokers are interested just to steal your money.

Here are the video lessons you'll get:

  • How to Choose and Select Forex Brokers
  • Different Types of Forex Brokers
  • How Does a Dealing Desk work
  • How Does STP ECN model work
  • How does Pure STP DMA Broker work
  • How does Hybrid Broker Model Work
  • How to check if your broker is STP
  • How big is the retail Forex market
  • How are your stop losses being hunted
  • How to check if your Broker is NOT Dealing Desk OR its STP


€300 EUR value = FREE for you


1 Hour Consultation via Skype

Even if our training course has 38 video lessons, we understand that you might have questions that we do not cover in our course. For this reason, we will be there to consult you online via Skype for one full hour.


€600 EUR value = FREE for you


12 Month Support

12 Month Support gives you access to "Ask Anything Forum" inside the Forex Robot Academy training platform.

Rimantas and Justin has opened this forum for an entire 12 months for you! They'll personally take any and all questions, visiting the site every week to reply to your most pressing questions!

Our Students Think We're Awesome

  • This is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the software and the framework to create profit making strategies. Undoubtedly, this course is the result of hard work, dedication and extensive experience in the field of automated trading. Thank you for creating this invaluable guide and good luck!
    Ruslan Valiev Ruslan Valiev Russia
  • Many thanks for the course. The course has enabled me to start developing quality strategies and has been worth several times the purchase price.
    Charles Phillips Charles Phillips Australia
  • I do not speak English very well, but it has not been an impediment to doing this course because it is very intuitive. From the hand of Justin and Rimantas, you learn to generate commercial strategies that work in multiple instruments. Teachings and Tools of excellent quality. The Forex trading of the XXI century.
    Rafael Fernández López Rafael Fernández López Andorra


Justin Barauskas, co-founder of Forex Robot Academy

In order to find good trading strategies you must first be willing to find lots of bad ones.

Justin Barauskas, co-founder of Forex Robot Academy
Rimantas Petrauskas, co-founder of Forex Robot Academy

The secret behind successful Algotrading is managing a portfolio of many automated strategies.

Rimantas Petrauskas, co-founder of Forex Robot Academy

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