Forex Robot Hosting on a VPS Server

by forexrobotacademy | Feb 27, 2020

Forex robot hosting on a VPS server is the best way to guarantee uninterrupted work for your expert advisors, while you spend your time doing other activities. If you are a serious forex robot trader and you want to ensure your automated trading systems generate profits round-the-clock, then a virtual private server, abbreviated as VPS, is your best solution.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting refers to using remote servers for hosting forex trading applications and robots such that they are available for trading round-the-clock without any Internet connection issues.

Essentially, a VPS is formed when an expansive physical server is divided such that different servers are housed in it and function without relying on each other.

In the VPS machine, virtual sections are established to make sure each virtual partition runs as a “private”, independent server.

This way, each server can be installed with its own operating system where a user has the privilege of rebooting the system and is fully in charge of its running.

With a VPS service, your trading robots can continue to execute trades in the market even if your local computer or laptop is switched off.

Although it’s hosted remotely, a VPS works just like a stand-alone computer; you can set up your forex robots and trading terminal on a VPS, and operate them as if they were installed on your own computer.


Once you’ve logged into a VPS, it will not have any significant difference from your own Windows computer, besides small aesthetic distinctions.

VPS technology allows users to operate their own copies of operating systems to ensure they are optimally available for the intended purpose.

After you’ve purchased a VPS space, you’ll be given the privilege to run any forex software and install any indicators or EAs you want.

If your Internet connection is interrupted (something common for most traders), your forex robot may fail to place a trade or it may be in a middle of a trade and fail to appropriately exit it.

If any of the above takes place, you may experience heavy losses. With a reliable VPS service, you can avoid such costly problems.

Therefore, if you want to take your robot trading experience to the next level, you better go for VPS hosting for running your expert advisors.

Forex Robot Hosting

Forex robot hosting on a VPS server is far much better than trading on your own computer. As much as you may spend some money to purchase a reliable VPS service, the benefits far exceed the expenses.

Expert Advisors on the MT4 platform

Here are some benefits of relying on a VPS server to host your EAs.

  • Increased performance of robots

With forex robot hosting, you will be able to realize the increased performance of your automated trading systems.

You can have your Windows operating system, MT4 platform, and expert advisors running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Essentially, you can trade round-the-clock, even when your home computer is switched off, has lost Internet connection, or has just malfunctioned.

Instead of having to leave your computer running all the time, the VPS server will ensure your robots are working all the time, something which increases their performance.

Therefore, you do not need to worry of your EA missing a trade because your computer is off or your neighborhood is experiencing power outages.

  • Minimal downtime

As earlier mentioned, it’s not a good experience when you are in the middle of a trade and your Internet connection flops.

However, if your trading robot is hosted on a VPS server, you are likely not to experience any downtimes. With VPS, situations, where you miss a trade because of poor Internet connection, will be unheard of.

You will be free from the hassles caused by poor Internet connection. As a result, you’ll enjoy a peace of mind required to make sound and profitable decisions that affect your forex trading career.

  • Internet connection becomes unnecessary

Forex robot hosting on a VPS server eliminates the need to have an internet connection. After logging into the system the same way you do for your computer, and completing the necessary settings, the expert advisor will run on its own without requiring an Internet connection. It’s that simple.

You will not need to own a computer or have access to electricity or Internet. VPS is independently hosted, which allows you to spend your time doing other things while your EA is executing trades.

Since Internet connection is not necessary, your expert advisor can trade 24/7, even if your connection goes off.

Furthermore, you will not be confined to a specific location with an Internet connection; you can trade anywhere, anytime—even while you are deeply sleeping.

  • High trade execution speeds

The speed of placing trades in the market is a critical concern of most forex traders, particularly those who depend on robot trading techniques.

To ensure forex trading applications perform optimally, it is important to host them as close as possible to their respective interacting networks.

Most VPS service providers have multiple data centers across the world. And, this guarantees the quickest possible speed of placing orders in the market.

Therefore, apart from offering minimal (if any) Internet downtimes, most VPS hosting services deliver lower latency, resulting in substantial increase in the execution of orders.

  • Robust security

Most reliable VPS servers come with extra security features to safeguard traders from technical flaws and other unfortunate incidences.

If you offload your trading activities to a remote VPS system, your applications will be securely protected from vulnerabilities, even much better than your own local computer.

The VPS servers are usually constantly updated with the latest software patches to evade intruders and other emerging threats. The servers are normally monitored 24/7 for any critical failures.

In addition, the VPS servers are usually managed by a dedicated team of IT professionals who work round-the-clock to ensure everything is working as promised, guaranteeing optimal uptimes.

  • Reduced slippage

A one second delay in the fast-moving forex market can make all the difference between a successful trade and an unsuccessful one.

If your EA constantly experiences slippages in the market, you may end up not making good money.

Therefore, the best way to reduce slippage losses is by hosting your expert advisor on a VPS. Since it’s much quicker at placing orders in the market than your computer, there will be minimal delays and slippages, which lower your losses and unpredictable outcomes.

  • Increased accessibility

Moving your trading robot to a VPS server will enable you to access it from anywhere in the world. With a desktop computer, your trading is somehow limited to wherever the machine is located.

With a VPS service, you can carry out your trading activities without any geographical constraints—even on the top of a mountain.

More so, you will not need to perform any extra setup or configurations. Therefore, you can easily access your MT4 on-the-go or from various devices, such as a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet—without worrying of adjusting the platform already on the VPS.

Interestingly, you can also establish different accounts on the same VPS server, and give the access credentials to different users, allowing them to simultaneously access the software from various locations. If you like collaborating with other traders, this is something that can be of great help.

How Does Robot Trading Work

Let’s start by talking about what is a trading about.

After implanting your trading strategy in a forex robot, it will work by using the strategy to execute trades in the market. Most robots are programmed based on analysis of certain technical conditions in the market.

An Example of EA for Trading EURUSD From the Forex Robot Academy

For example, you can program an EA to execute trades whenever two moving averages cross each other.

This way, the EA will be generating buy and sell signals whenever the defined parameters are met, without your direct intervention.

Two Moving Averages Crossing Each Other

If you want to learn how to develop forex robot, you need to master either the MetaQuotes Language 4 or the MetaQuotes 5 language. Using either of the programming languages, you can code an expert advisor that best meets your preferences and style of trading.

If you are not a competent programmer or if staring at lines of code make you sick, you can hire a programmer or purchase an already programmed EA from a site like MQL4. The site has hundreds of trading robots you can purchase to escalate your trading efforts.

The MQL5 Website

Here is an example of an EA from the site.

An Example of Free Robot From MQL4

After buying an EA, you can use a site like Forex Peace Army to check for its legitimacy.

Forex Peace Army Website

Better still, you can use a forex EA generator to create amazing forex robots without worrying of writing any line of code or hiring a programmer. If you hire a programmer, you may spend lots of money, and you may not still get what you want.

An EA builder places the entire process of creating an EA in your hands, and gives you the capabilities of creating reliable money-making robots in minutes.

Instead of cracking your head with voluminous lines of code, you can rely on the robust forex EA generator from the Forex Robot Academy.

Forex Robot Generator

You can join the Forex Robot Academy and benefit from reliable automated trading systems.

Join Forex Robot Academy

After developing an expert advisor for MetaTrader 4, you’ll need to set it up. Instead of installing only a single robot on the platform, you can install a number of them on the same platform or on different platforms.

The MT4 platform allows up to 100 forex robots to be installed. Therefore, you can take advantage of this possibility to set up numerous EA with various strategies for navigating the markets.

To ascertain if do forex robots work or not, you can analyze each EA results individually by using

The MyMT4Book Website

The website allows you to analyze the trading results of your robots so that you can correctly project their performance.

If you find the EA’s strategy to be unprofitable, you can easily make the appropriate adjustments.

With many robots installed in the MT4 platform, you increase the chances of making more profits. Since your computer may not effectively handle a large number of trading robots, a VPS server will come in handy.

A VPS server will ensure your orders are executed accurately and precisely, regardless of the number of robots you have.

Forex Robot For Android

The MT4 trading platform allows traders to execute trades without any limits of being in a specific physical location.

After installing the application on your Android device, you’ll receive real-time quotes of the happenings in the forex market, enabling you to make sound trading decisions, anywhere, anytime.

The MT4 App on Android

Unfortunately, the MT4 app available for Android devices does not allow traders to set up robots or any other applications on their mobile devices. This makes using robots on the app impossible.

The best way around this is to host your expert advisors on a VPS server and use your Android device for monitoring their performance.

If you have your forex robots hosted on a VPS server, you can check their performance by logging on the same account on Android MT4 app.

This way, you can conveniently monitor your trades on the go, and make speedy decisions, in case something unpredictable is happening.

Forex Robot For iPhone

Just like the MT4 app on the Android operating system, the MT4 app on the iOS operating system does not allow traders to directly install expert advisors.

As such, the best way of using an expert advisor for mobile is to host it on a VPS server and use the MT4 app for iPhone devices to monitor its performance.

Once you’ve purchased a VPS server, you will not need to worry whether the MT4 app for iOS allows the usage of robots or not.

You’ll only be using your iPhone to monitor whether your expert advisors are performing as desired and make any appropriate adjustments.


Forex robot hosting on a VPS server is the best way of taking your trading career to higher heights.

Instead of relying on your local computer, you can host your forex trading applications and expert advisors on remote servers, and benefit from round-the-clock trading, increased performance of robots, and several other benefits.

What’s more, if you set up several robots on a VPS server, you can shut down your computer at home, and still have the robots making money for you in the forex market.