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Forex Robot Factory Features

Trading Strategy Expert Advisor Editor

No More Coding Required "Save Hundred of Hours on Programming" Once you have found your strategy with your desired trading rules and backtest. You can export it to a ready made MT4 or MT5 robot template (.mq4/5) for trading. The code is clean and easy to read and modify.

Export Generated Robot Templates and Trade them on MT4 or MT5 platforms

Trading Strategy Data Mining

Test millions of trading strategies using powerful back testing engine. Backtest Up To 300,000 Strats Per Hour "Save Hundred of Hours on Backtesting. No More Need for Slow & Tedious Backtesting.Technically speaking the backtesting algorithm is optimized to build specially designed strategies with a predefined structure and indicators. This allows to save CPU resources and to do the right calculations at the right moments. This means you do not need a fast computer and a simple internet browser on any laptop or home computer will do.

Helps You Find Quality Trading Strategies That Trade Automatically

24 hours with No Mistakes, Fear or Greed.

Helps You Find Strategies That Are Statistically Sound and Robust

Automation Mode: All-in-one, MT4 Robot Creation, Backtesting, Optimization, Stress Testing & Validation

Automate Your Trading Strategy Creation Workflow using "The Reactor" Multiple Robustness Tests to Check Strategies in Automatic Workflow. Save 100's of Hours on Manual Optimization, Filtering & Stress Testing EA's". This means you can automatically generate strategies, backtest them, optimize them, stress test them and filter out only the ones you want according to your acceptance criteria.

Multiple Robustness Tests to Check Strategy Quality

Check the sensitivity and robustness of your trading strategy using of state of the art Expert Advisor Robustness testing simulations (Monte Carlo) and Multi Market testing. These tests allows you to simulate different backtest scenarios and see how your strategy reacts to those changes, giving great insight into the robustness of your strategy in different trading environments.

Filter Correlated Trading Strategies

Combine 100 Strategies to a Portfolio (EA)

Portfolio Expert Advisor Can Trade up to 100 Expert Advisors From Single Robot on 1 MT4 Chart. Combine multiple trading strategies into one Portfolio. See their backtest in realtime and export those strategies into 1 portfolio robot which can trade up to 100 strategies. This means you can use 1 mt4 chart to trade 100 strategies and save a lot of resources.

Optimize Your Trading Strategies (EA's)

Analyze Trading Strategies in Detail

Import & Analyse Your Broker's Historical Data And Stats

No More Heavy Tick Data For Backtests "Save Hundreds of Gigabytes of Disk Space" Our developers have studied backtesting for over 15 years and invented algorithms to make fast and reliable backtesting using bar data to closely match every tick tests from Strategy Tester. There is no more need for tick data. Just import data straight from the charts of your MT4 or MT5 account which takes around 150 times less disk space than the tick data.

Multi Currency Testing of Expert Advisor

30+ Technical Indicators (MT4)

210+ Reliable Rules & 30+ Indicators. Backtesting relies only on the standard MetaTrader indicators. Using the MT4 indicators makes EA Factory extremely fast and reliable. Each indicator contains several possible preconfigured rules, where in total it comes to around 210+ different rules, that means there close to an unlimited number of possible strategy variants when taking into account generator preferences i.e. take profit, stop loss and trailing parameters.

Out of Sample Testing for Data Mining Bias

Inspect Historical Trades Visually

Example of Exported of Expert Advisor & Installed on Metatrader Trading Platform

Forex Robot Factory Features

Expert Advisor Builder was rebuilt from the ground up to work online with only the most necessary advanced features

Auto Strategy Creation

FRF takes care of creation by providing a tradable strategy template. 

Tradable Strategy Template (MQL4/5)

You don’t need programming skills to start trading algorithmic strategies. 

Backtesting (Data Mining Engine)

The data mining engine can backtest 1000's strategies per min

Robustness Testing

There 8 robustness simulation types that allow you to simulate the behavior of your strategy with different conditions

Multi-Currency Support

Test Strategies on multiple currency pairs

Forex, CFD, Equities, ETF, Crypto

Use any market data from MT4/MT5 to data mine strategies 

Walk-Forward Optimization

verify if a strategy is robust not only to parameter changes but also if it gains from periodic re-optimization

Export to MetaTrader 4/5

Forex Robot Factory exports full source code of your strategy to Metatrader 4 and 5 trading platform.

35+ Technical Indicators

Supports all standard MT4 indicators. Having the standard indicators gives solid and reliable backtest results that match MT4 environment. 

Unlimited Trading Strategies (EA's)

Each indicator has many predefined rules, in total it comes to around 245+ rules, that means there close to an unlimited number of possible strategy variants when taking into account generator preferences like take profit, stop loss and trailing stop and exit options.

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