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Forex Robot Factory is a new and easy way to automate the workflow of trading strategy programming, backtesting, optimizing and stress testing. Find your best Forex Robots today without creating anything yourself.

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Below are the results from students after implementing our formula

  • Verified results

    A nice 37% gain in 5 weeks with a 22% drawdown trading high risk lot size.
  • Verified results

    A nice 50% gain in 17 months with a 16% drawdown trading medium risk lot size.
  • Verified results

    A nice 28% gain in 18 months with a 10% drawdown trading low risk lot size.
  • Verified results

    A nice 38% gain in 5 weeks with a 23% drawdown trading high risk lot size.

How Forex Robot Factory Works?

  • STEP 1

    Create & Backtest Strategies 

  • STEP 2

    Optimize For Best Parameters

  • STEP 3

    Check Robustness Using Stress Tests 

  • STEP 4

    Incubate Many Strategies For Trading 

We teach a simple step-by-step process to get unlimited winning Forex Robots without programming or creating anything yourself.


The Generator provides you an unlimited number of strategies. It can backtest up to 300,000 strategies per hour. It will find trading strategies that have performed well on a historical market price data without you doing all the hard work. You won’t need to create or test strategies manually one by one to see which ones actually worked in the past.

Our developers have studied backtesting for over 15 years and invented algorithms to make fast and reliable backtesting using bar data to closely match every tick tests from Strategy Tester. Just import data straight from the charts of your MT4 or MT5 account which takes around 150 times less disk space than the tick data.

Technically speaking the FRF algorithm is optimized to build specially designed strategies with a predefined structure and indicators. This allows to save CPU resources and to do the right calculations at the right moments. This means you do not need a fast computer and a simple internet browser on any laptop or home computer will do.


The Optimizer Module helps you automatically optimize your trading strategy for best indicator parameters without having to fiddle too much with the settings or make decisions which strategy variation is the best choice. Make sure to use Robustness testing avoid over-optimization.

The Forex Robot Factory helps you to avoid over-optimization and prevent curve-fitting by using the IS & OOS tests combined with the Monte Carlo stress testing procedures.

Monte Carlo module is for stress-testing your trading strategy which helps you check if it is robust and prepared for the constantly changing market conditions. It is much more likely the strategy will work in the uncertain future if it passes important stress tests.

The whole concept behind the Forex Robot Factory is using your broker’s price data feed for trading strategy creation. This means it creates trading strategies fine-tuned your brokers data, and in turn, this gives the highest levels of accuracy between your backtest and live trading results.

You can create trading strategies on any instrument which is available in your MT4 or MT5 account – Forex, indices, stocks, futures, CFD, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

The Reactor module is extremely powerful, it helps you automate the entire workflow of trading strategy development. You can make the entire process of strategy creation, backtesting, optimization and robustness testing fully automatic. That means you literally can setup a strategy factory producing optimized robust trading robots for you, allowing you to save hundreds of hours.

Multi Market module helps you to test your trading strategy robots on multiple markets and in effect find strategies that work on multiple instruments. In effect its also a robustness test, if a strategy proves to work on different data sets is shows multi-market robustness.

The Portfolio module helps you create portfolios by gluing multiple trading strategies together. It allows you to analyse overall performance of many strategies in one graph. A huge benefit is that you can export a Portfolio Expert Robot which allows you to trade all those trading strategies from 1 trading robot on 1 chart instead of having to trade many different robots on different charts. In addition to that the portfolio expert can be backtested in mt4.

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Our Students Think We're Awesome

  • Anyone looking for a mentor in the difficult art of automated Forex trading strategy creation, will not do better than to enlist Rimantas & Justin as their guides.
    Erron Adams Erron Adams Australia,
  • Rimantas and Justin have opened my eyes to a world of possibilities with automated trading. I have completed the course and have already found a number of robust strategies. I look forward to improving my live trading portfolio of EAs in the near future. Thanks guys!
    Michael Farrer Michael Farrer United Kingdom
  • I had a bit of a fear to make this order, because I do not speak fluent English, but after watching video lessons I realized that I made the right choice. Now I am learning quickly to become a profitable trader and have more free time to devote to my hobbies and interests.
    Pierino Donati Pierino Donati Italy is owned and operated by Autotrading Alchemy Ltd., Belize

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