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"Draw your trend lines on MT4 and EA will execute Forex trades on breakout day and night!"

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What is Trendline Trader EA ?

Trendline Trader is a MT4 add-on that will open trade(s) when currency price touch/cross your trend-line or horizontal line. You will have to manually draw the trend-lines or horizontal lines on the chart and TTEA will enter the market when a price break-out occurs. With the help of Trendline Trader EA you no longer need to wait for hours or even days until the price touches your trend-line. TTEA will monitor your lines 24 hours per day so you can spend your time away from computer enjoying life.

How Trendline Trader EA works & How to Use It

Trendline trader is designed to be used mostly with breakout strategies where you would manually draw the trend line on the price chart. EA detects your trend line and monitors the market price 24/7. Once the price touches the line or closes above/below it, EA will open a trade immediately.

Trendline Trader is an Expert Advisor application designed to initiate trades on the Metatrader 4 platform, only when a price breaks through a trend line drawn by a human trader or any 3rd party robot. It doesn’t matter who draws the trendlines as long as they have proper names.

Once the trendlines are identified by Trendline Trader, the application will monitor the market price to detect a breakthrough. If you trade currencies in the Forex market using trendlines, then this is a must-have application. Imagine the free time you will get while Trendline Trader works 24 hours a day non-stop. The beauty of it is that this EA allows you to decide how your trendlines should be drawn, what time frame and currency pair you use and what trade settings you operate with. You have complete control over your trend line trading and this application will be your sidekick to do the work for you while you enjoy your life.

This EA is designed for the Metatrader 4 platform and can be used with any Forex broker, any MT4 account, and any currency pair.

Trendline Trader EA Features

Smart Breakout technology will redraw trendline if the price only touch it but do not cross

Advanced Money management function

Trailing Stop and Breakeven functions included

EA can open trade(s) immediately or only on candle close

Can handle two lines: cross from below for BUY signal, the other from above for SELL signal

Sets different line colors when they are detected by EA or when they are crossed up or down

Many custom settings can be configured to fit your needs

Stop Loss and/or TakeProfit can be set by horizontal lines

How To Use Trend Line Trader EA

STEP 1:  Draw a Trendline On The Chart and Name It "Buy" or "Sell" so the Trendline Trader Ea would recognize it.

STEP 2:  Price broke the trendline and Trendline Trader opens a sell trade.

Trendline was adjusted by Smart Breakout technology functions to avoid false breakouts.

STEP 3:  Price goes down to reach the first Take Profit level and Trailing Stop activates.


  • Draw trendline/horizontal line on the chart using Metatrader 4 drawing tools
  • Open line settings window and set object/line name to BuyLineName or SellLineName
  • EA will change line(s) color after they are detected. If you draw the line(s) correctly this should happen in a few seconds.
  • EA will open trade and alert/play-sound/send-email when price crosses the line(s)
  • EA will change crossed line(s) color
  • EA will open BUY trade when price crosses the BuyLineName line
  • EA will open SELL trade when price crosses the SellLineName line
  • You can draw additional horizontal lines that will tell EA where to place stop loss and/or take profit
  • Lot Size, Stop Loss, Take Profit and any other settings are controlled by special EA settings which are described below

Trendline Trader EA Pricing

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Cancel anytime.




✔️Simultaneous use on 1x computer/VPS
✔️License transfer between machines
✔️For unlimited MT4 accounts
✔️Support & Updates until canceled
✔️30-day money-back guarantee
PAY Monthly




✔️Simultaneous use on 1x computer/VPS
✔️License transfer between machines
✔️For unlimited MT4 accounts
✔️Support & Updates until canceled
✔️30-day money-back guarantee
PAY Yearly

Creator of Trendline Trader EA 

Rimantas Petrauskas

I am the creator of the Trendline Trader EA and a professional developer of Forex trading signal delivery software for MetaTrader 4 client terminal. Also I am into 100% automated currency trading that generates profits while I enjoy the time with my family, our life and traveling.

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