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Fully Automated Algorithmic Trading  - Online Education

At "Forex Robot Academy" we teach a unique superior way to create fully automated and robust trading strategies. Compiled over years of experience it helps traders throughout the entire algorithmic systems development process.

We believe we've created the fastest practical formula to create Expert Advisors for MT4 without programming, even if you have a day job.

Our step by step videos place essence upon simplicity and speedy development process where the aim is strategy robustness. These robust strategies have a much higher chance of surviving and performing in the uncertain future.

Algorithmic trading is really not that difficult when you have a formula to follow, and that's what we teach. The main goal is not just to create one algorithmic strategy, but dozens or even hundreds.

They have to be robust enough to pass the most advanced and difficult tests and prove they have enough potential to survive in the real market.

The tools and software we are using makes all this possible and eliminates the need of programming. Speed, simplicity and automation makes it possible for anyone who has at least basic knowledge in computers and financial markets.


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