Do You Need Fully Automated Algorithmic Trading Strategy or Portfolio (MT4 EA) Development and Programming Services?


We Offer Premium Services to Create Strategies or Portfolios on Demand According to Your Desirable Results or Metrics.

  • We create unique algo trading system (strategy) or portfolio for you according to your needs and deliver it to you in (.mq4 file) format.
  • Strategies are created on quality historical market tick data according to "Trading Strategy Launch Framework" formula.
  • Our Standard Development fee for a Strategy is €1500 - 2000 EUR 
  • Our Standard Development fee for a Portfolio is €3000 - 8000 EUR (depending on the Nr. of strats & instruments)
  • Our Hourly Consultation fee is €300 EUR per hour.
  • Delivery time is 2-4 weeks.

Standard Strategy (EA) Development Package Includes:

  • The full source code (.mq4) of the trading strategy "Expert Advisor" (EA) which contains all rules and logic in MQL4 language.
  • You can run this strategy on any MetaTrader4 broker and you will have all the rights to use strategy in any way you want.
  • The strategy will be created on your desired currency pair and timeframe i.e (EURUSD H1)
  • We will aim to achieve your desired performance metrics i.e. Trades Number, Drawdown %, R/D Ratio, Yearly Average Profit....
  • Guiding metrics i.e. worst-case scenario drawdown measures to see when the strategy should be turned off if it doesn't meet expectations.
  • We don't create strategies that use Martingale, Grid trading, Scalping.
  • Each individual strategy will open Max 1 position per pair.
  • Backtest Report performed on Dukascopy Tick Data 
  • Desired Monte Carlo Robustness Test Checks (Parameter Change, Trade Shuffle, Spread-Slippage and Trade Skipping). i.e. Randomizing Parameters is one of the most stressful tests which changes strategy parameters all the time. This indicates unexpected market-changing situations and how sensitive your strategy is to change. 

IMPORTANT!  We cannot give any guarantees that the strategy will make any gains in the future!! The strategy will be created on past historical data and it is important for you to understand that backtests or past results cannot guarantee future trading gains. It is not possible to predict the future. The strategy will be created with the goal of robustness so that it will have signs of potential to survive and perform in live markets, but there is NO guarantee that it will. Yes, this means the strategy might not work like it did in the backtesting results. Please note when using the trading strategy it will be your own full responsibility to monitor it is running 24 hours a day every day.

Please contact us at if you need our services and please include your expectations for a strategy. 



Would you like to Visit us For a Full Day Consultation?

  • We also offer "one on one" in-person Consultation for €2,000 EUR.
  • Clients usually fly in for one or two days and spend a whole day (9am-6pm) with you
  • Please contact us at the email above so we can schedule your visit.

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